Phen375 Review – My 90 days Phen375 Before and After Results


Phen375 reviews

Phen375 Results – Who am i?

I am Jennifer and I am a modern woman work as an Event Planner.

Jennifer Ph375 results


My schedule is always tough and sometimes it requires me to work 10-12 hours a day.

Supposedly, I don’t get time for any physical activities neither my diet plan is properly managed.

I am not married, but that’s not only a thing which keeps a woman engaged in several domestic works.

I live with my partner who is a writer in some health blog.

The reason I am quoting these things is that I want to give a picture of my life situations.

I am another person who has gradually become a victim of weight gain.

Call it my unhealthy eating habits or lack of physical exercise, but this being fat thingy has affected my personal, social and sexual life to the greatest extent.

Losing weight can be much difficult for a woman because they have more responsibilities to handle.

I am talking about the everyday working woman with jobs, family, kids, husband and other house chores.

We don’t get time to look after our diet neither we can take a time to plan a workout routine.

Without a special hand, the woman like us can never lose weight until we go through liposuction therapy, but that’s not the majority of female wants.

It wasn’t like this before, I mean I had a body women would kill for.

Perfect sized breast and butts with lean stomach, I didn’t have a double chin either fat looking face. But all of that was taken after I got my first job.

The reason I started using Phen375 will be explained in the latter part of this article.

I was desperate and looking for an effective solution!

desperate to lose weight

walking in the morning

In my daily routine, I need to dress professionally and meet with different people, which requires a lot of confidence levels.

It was alright until I gained about 10 pounds, which brought disruption in my professional life first.

The whole day I used to see my body in front of a mirror and think about all the junks I ate which made me feel even worse.

Being a woman who used to have the sexiest body, it is hard to concentrate on work once you see double chin is appearing on your face.

My flat belly wasn’t flat anymore, instead, it gave me a pregnant look which I hated the most.

Sex dint feels good at all, it was like doing something which your mind didn’t support at all. Not to mention my libido (sex drive) was highly decreased due to the depression about my body.

I had many works to sort out which is why taking time to the gym wasn’t possible at all.

Comes to the most demeaning part, my social circle started to joke around about me.

All my girlfriends are married or with kids and now I started to become one of them, with the post-pregnancy figure!

That was the part of my life where I was mostly ill-fated and sad.

Phen375 – The Magical Solution I was Looking For!

It’s not like someone referred me this diet pill and made me convinced.

Phen375 reviews

Phen375 Review

I myself searched many weight loss brands and I studied each of them in detail.

Being an expert in researching about different products I read everything about them and even ordered some of them but it was all in vain.

I skip the meals during daytime wishing that it might alter my physique and make me slimmer again.

But it backfired on me by making me faint during my working hours and decreased my mental performance.

Skipping meals wasn’t the answer, neither the diet pills available online.

I began to concentrate on my job once again, neglecting the fact I am getting chubbier every day unless I once again searched for some best weight loss products and that is where I landed on Phen375 webpage.

It’s not like I trusted everything they say on their website at first glance, I showed it to my partner and ask him whether if this could help me getting slimmer again.

Being a health blogger, he endorsed my choice and that’s when I ordered Phen375.

Customer Reviews about Phen375 was the 2nd thing that I found useful.

The first thing was the ingredients that are mostly natural and offer no side effects to human health (which is why a big part of mine was relieved).

Also, the reason for ordering Phen375 was its appetite suppressing quality which in my case was the only issue.

Before ordering Phen375 I wasn’t sure that I have to use any sort of diet pills in the future.

But as you can see, we have to make efforts to bring changes in our lives. Phen375 brought massive changes in my life which are to be explained in a simpler way so you can easily understand its efficacy.

Phen375- The Only Answer To My Prayers!

The first time I visited Phen375 official page was something that heightened my expectations.

Lose weight with Ph.375

Started losing weight with Phen375

This diet pill wasn’t like the others which require you to plenty of workouts and designing petty diet plans.

I mean what’s the point of using a dietary supplement if you have to do all these things.

From what I perceived, the effects of Phen375 were 5-dimensional which works as:

  1. Fat Burner
  2. Metabolism Booster
  3. Appetite Suppressant
  4. Fat Production Inhibitor
  5. Mood Elevator

Not every weight loss brand has these qualities in a single pill.

It Was A Time For A Big And Positive Change!

As soon as I got the package which was the fastest delivery time I’ve seen, I started using Phen375 before breakfast.

After reaching the office, I felt a breeze of energy in my body unlike back in the days where I always used to feel tired and weary in the workplace.

I did my work just fine and surprisingly, my hunger was diminished.

Needless to say, my performance level was enhanced at work which made me once again punctual and genius at the workplace.

I skipped coffee because these pills have the proper amount of caffeine to make you active throughout the day.

I was perpetually active and full of energy in every way.

It was the first step towards losing weight, which improved my senses to lose weight and keep the gibberish psychic thoughts aside.

Before telling about Phen375 results I experienced, let me first tell you what Phen375 really is.

The ingredients, formula and another required piece of information which everyone should keep in mind.

What is Phen375?

Phen375 is the latest name in weight loss supplement which has combined 8 different ingredients proven to lose weight in a given period time.

Order Phen375

The formula of Phen375 is a combination of some extraordinary fat burners, appetite suppressants, and energy boosters which, besides obliterating fats will keep your mental and physical activity.

One bottle of Phen375 contains 30 pills, a person should take 1-2 tablets per day depending on their BMI.

If you have a BMI higher than 28 then 2 tablets are the recommended dose.

To me, a single bottle lasts for a month as I only took a single tab each day. The dose is advised to be taken before sleep or after breakfast.

I preferred to take it at morning because of its energy boosting effects that helped me at my workplace.

Side Effects of using Phen375?

Many people misread Phen375 with PhenQ which is basically Phentermine.

The drug was introduced in 1957 and was withdrawn from the market due to the lethal cardiovascular (heart-related) effects.

Of course, it’s not phentermine that Phen375 contains but purely natural ingredients which are backed up by scientific facts and researchers.

These ingredients are available at an optimum dose which to this day hasn’t raised any query about side effects from any user.

Overall, ingredients in Phen375 provides you the following benefits:

  • Makes you alert, sharp and focused mentally
  • Decrease the sugar intake on daily basis
  • Less fat absorption
  • Makes your bone hard and healthy
  • Control your cravings
  • Improved energy level
  • Burn fats simultaneously
  • Doesn’t harm your digestive system

All these benefits were experienced in a very first week of Phen375 use.

For more information about the formula of Phen375, here is the link to their official Web page.

What are the Ingredients of Phen375?

As mentioned above, I did an extensive research about every ingredient present in Phen375 which leads to many scientific facts about certain herbs induce weight loss.

When you are about to use a dietary supplement, make sure you know about the ingredients quite perfectly, and that’s what I did!

Here is the list of Phen375 ingredients with their primal effects.

1. Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke Leaf Extract

This particular ingredient gives you a control over appetite. Meaning if you are craving for junk, a single tablet of Phen375 will be just enough to diminish your cravings.

In this way, no matter what kind of desert or deep fried junk is in front, you will manage to say no!

2. Caffeine

An excellent CNS stimulant which serves multiple functions such as increased energy and focus, facilitate the fat burning process and help you curb the cravings.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Many researchers believe that Cayenne Pepper is a thermogenic agent which basically burn fat by increasing normal body temperature.

When the heat signature raises the level of certain chemicals in the body increases, which accelerate body metabolism, leading to an effective weight loss.

4. Citrus Aurantium Extract

In Chinese tradition, this particular herbal extract was used by the people who were tired of their belly fats. Significantly, it boosts the metabolism of your body and helps the fats to disrupt gradually.

5. Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii

It destroys the fatty cells by increasing the level of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate which is basically a fat mobilizer.

The presence of this particular herbal ingredient boosts your weight loss efforts.

6. Chromium Picolinate

The diet containing Sugar and Carbohydrates is the worst enemy of yours, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Chromium Picolinate manage the carbs and sugar cravings efficiently and it utilized the sugar present in your diet as an energy form to keep you sharp and active whole day.

7. Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

The only partially herbal grade ingredient present in Phen375, but its purpose is more than just important.

First of all CACO3 (Calcium Carbonate) is good for the bone integrity, secondly, it allows your body cells to store the less amount of fats by eradicating the stored fats.

8. L-Carnitine

When you feel dizzy or lethargic this is because of fewer carbs and sugar. L-Carnitine communicate with the stored fats in your body and use them as an energy source which provides your body a burst of energetic vibes whole day.

This way your weight loss journey doesn’t feel dull anymore.


Some people are not comfortable in sharing their weight history.

My Ph.375 results

Phen375 before and after results

But that’s not the case with me, I was 165 pounds at the time when I first read about Phen375. 

Back then when I was slim and only 121 lbs, I gained about 40-45 pounds due to overeating and lack of physical exercise.

So it was a great challenge for me to look after all these bulged up fats.

I am dividing my weight loss journey into 3 different phases that also defines the success rate of Phen375.

1-30 Days

The first day I started taking Phen375 was the day I realized that at least my brain functions will be slightly elevated.

The product has delivered some positive results within 7 days, which included a marked reduction in appetite and slow reduction of fats from my belly and buttocks.

I routinely checked my body weight to track the progress and within 15 days I lost about 14 pounds.

This was the result that gets me into this more, so I continue the regimen.

The first month of Phen375 use, I ended up losing 20 pounds, which was more than the satisfying result for me. Also, my cognitive skills were highly enhanced and even my sexual features were improved.

Unexpectedly I started brisk walk every morning and my sleeping cycles weren’t disturbed at all.

Cheat Day:

Phen375 allows you to have one cheat day, every week, where you can eat all you want. But scientifically speaking, unless the traces of ingredients are in your blood there is no chance you will eat more than one chicken leg.

At the end of the first month, I thought that was it. But I also wanted to lose some more weight so I ordered another pack of Phen375.

Note: Instead of purchasing Phen375 one by one, it will be beneficial if you buy them in a bulk. This is because of the discounted offers on the bulk are amazing.

30-60 Days Cycle

My first month’s dedication to Phen375 was too much which made me lose about 20 pounds which is very hard for the majority of women.

Now I can fit in my clothes and my fright of being fat is no longer there.

Admittedly, Phen375 regimen inspired me to spare a time for the gym.

It wasn’t about losing weight, but now I wanted to redefine my body shape in a more desirable way.

I kept continuing the dosage with slight physical activities, sometimes I had to go out of the city, but I always kept a bottle of Phen375 with me.

With controlled diet and physical exercise, I once again managed to lose 6 pounds, which in total made it 26 pounds in just 2 months.

Can you imagine what obese women would do to lose 26 pounds in just 2 months?

Well, you got to ask them because they can do ANYTHING!

Needless to say, the progress wasn’t that much, but still, I was more than happy with Phen375 Results.

61-90 Days

The third month was the most amazing month where I literally once again felt my stomach getting lean and my breasts are taking the cover.

Even Michael was amazed to see me slim once again, but the traces of fats were still in my body which needs to be totally gone.

All my friends asked me if I am on some sort of diet to which I told them everything about it.

After 15 days of the 3rd month, my body weight was 130 pounds, which was another 6 pounds dropped in half of the month.

The mass around my neck is completely gone now, the only part of my body which needs to be de-fated was the back of my belly.

But it got controlled after I used some exercise techniques, the remaining 15 days of the 3rd month were gone in a slight workout and strict diet plan along with PHen375.

Now, I weigh 125 pounds which is like a dream come true!

The moment when I first checked my weight, I got all teary as well as proud of myself.

I put my hard works and Phen375 formula helped me the most when nothing seemed to work.

What Effects did Phen375 deliver to Me?

It is important to jot down about the precise effects you get from any product that you had used.

Diet with Phen375 weight loss pills

I am going, to be honest about how I felt while using Phen375 as a weight loss supplement for consecutively 3 months’ time period.

  • I felt mentally active and relaxed
  • I can once fit into my clothes which was a big relief
  • I felt like a young girl who is going through puberty
  • My confidence level which was once lost, greatly enhanced
  • My skin condition was better than before
  • I felt slimmer and sexier
  • No hunger grunts
  • My personality has improved overall

My Diet with Phen375

Some relatives or friends of mine thought that I am on some strict diet regimen which allows me to eat only special foods.

Well, that’s not entirely untrue, Phen375 inspired me to change my diet as I used to be on.

ingredients of Phen375

My morning breakfast was replaced with fruits and oat mean which gives me proper nutritional value for per day.

As my advice, if you are using Phen375 then it would be wiser to include leafy vegetable, fish, and legumes in your dietary.

At lunch, I mostly eat small parts of grilled chicken or vegetables with soup.

This will minimize your diet intake and provide you enough amount of energy which in combination with Phen375 is plenty enough.

Stay out of soft drinks, juices, and fried items.

Any food which contains maximum sugar amount is not good for you.

Sticking to these diets sounds easy, but once you are a track, you will find it quite harder.

Trust me it only gets hard at the beginning, once you achieve your goal in the first month, I’m sure you will want to keep it on go.

Pros and Cons of Phen375

Every product, whether natural or synthetic, herbal or allopathic has some pros or cons.

Let me start it with the Pros.


1. One of the Greatest Appetite Suppressant

The reason I gained weight for the very first time was due to junk cravings and other bad eating habits.

I wanted to reduce my craving and increase satiety feelings without eating any.

For those people who are tired of their eating habits and wants to initiate change, a single pill of Phen375 in the morning will keep you full throughout the day.

Usually, you can have snacks, but in limited quantity, whereas I managed to skip it totally.

2. An Excellent Fat Burner

About 4 kinds of different fat burning ingredients are available in the Phen375 formula.

Not one or two, but 4! You can literally feel your body burning fat on its own and that will feel just fabulous because you won’t be feeling any stomach ache or painful grunts.

3. Fantastic Energy Booster

When you are on a long road of weight loss, conditions like low energy level and drained energy are common.

Phen375 took this matter very seriously for which their every ingredient serves as an energy booster.

The effects are not just apparent, but they are achieved by going down on a cellular level.

Extracting body fats out of the cells and use it as an energy form, well now you can relate.

4. Anyone Can Use Phen375

Phen375 is a diet pill of choice for both men and women.

This also means you don’t have to work out, a lot of people who cannot afford the time for going at the gym can solely trust on Phen375 due to its efficiency of burning fats entirely from your body.

But if you ask me, the progress will be slightly enhanced if you take it with exercise.

You don’t have to qualify for anything to use Phen375, it is the herbal based formula that can be used by anyone.

5. Most of all, IT WORKS!!!

After checking on so many weight loss products, I only chose Phen375, why?

Because every place I search the reviews about it, they were 100% accurate and 101% positive.

The price is relatively affordable than many expensive dietary supplements made with synthetic ingredients.


Do not take it before sleep: Because of the caffeine, the active component stimulates your central nervous system which I think is not a right time while you’re asleep.

  • Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women
  • Any person who is allergic to any component of Phen375 must not use it.
  • Individuals with a history of cardiovascular events shall not use Phen375 until doctor’s recommendation.
  • Sometimes you get headaches, I think it’s because of the high amount of caffeine. But don’t worry drink plenty of water and it will go away.

Why Should You Buy Phen375?

I am not asking you to buy Phen375 because it worked on me.

Order Phen375 online

All I am asking is you to just buy a single bottle and see if it’s the best thing you will ever use.

And I’m pretty like me, you will get the same results as well. If not so, you can return it and get your refund right away.

There are other competitors who claim the same effects, but if you go through their ingredients you may find many users complaining about severe side effects which mainly includes severe stomach pain and insomnia.

It’s not an easy task to put down weight, it requires a lot of hard works and dedications.

Is it possible to purchase Phen375 from Amazon or GNC?

Now, this is very important to everyone who is looking for adding Phen375 in their diet plan.

If you will buy it from any other sources such as Amazon, GNC or Walmart there is a 100% chance you are not going to get the quality/original products.

I have seen people complaining about the product’s quality after they ordered it from Amazon.

This is because you cannot trust Amazon when it comes to health supplements, it is good for buying electronics and other stuff but what will be interfering with your body system, you must not get it from other than the official source.

Well, that wasn’t only my advice, but the official maker of Phen375 recommends the same thing.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Ok, now you are relieved?

Phen375 is coming with 60-days money back guarantee. Simply claim your money back guarantee from their official website ( and you will get your refund in no time.

But make sure your claim would take place under 60 days of purchase.

You don’t get money back guarantee with the product that doesn’t work.

Other Special Deals/Discounts

They offer multi-purchase discounts which will get you the 3rd bottle free if you buy 2 bottles at once.

Also, along with the bottle they deliver multiple usage guides that will provide you information regarding healthy diet plans and other important stuff about weight loss.

Free World-Wide Shipping with excellent customer care staff is something you will take maximum benefits from while purchasing Phen375.

Phen375 will make sure that your every hard work will pay off.

I must recommend Phen375 for everyone who is tired of their extra body weight and look for a better solution.